Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"New" Piano

Here it is. My beautiful (old, but new to me) piano. I love it. It needs a little TLC, but it's actually in great condition. I am so thankful for the music and fun that it has brought into our home. I am also very grateful for charitable friends that gave us the piano and some strong men that helped Eric move it. I have been missing having a piano ever since we moved to AL and I am so glad Eric wanted one in the house too.

Reid was the first one to try it out. He had a blast pounding on it until I made hime stop so we could get it the rest of the way in the house.

Lorelai snuck in the picture. (See the mischievous look). It makes our living room look even smaller, but it fits perfectly. Maybe we can just get rid of the TV now, huh Eric? That would free up some space :-)

1 comment:

Miriam said...

Yeah for you guys! Oh, I love upright pianos!
I've been trying to find one for the past few weeks -since we are not moving anytime in the near future I can finally get one.