Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I Love Eric Week

Many of you know the story of how Eric and I met. (He came into my bookstore, saw me, and you all know the rest). What some of you may not know is that when I gave Eric my number, I gave him the wrong one. OK, I actually gave him the right number, but I didn't include the area code and as a result Eric THOUGHT I gave him the wrong number. So Eric decided to come back in and ask me for my number again. How gutsy is that? If it were me I would have never gone back to the store again! I'm still not sure why he did it. He probably knew he was way to good looking to get shot down. :-) Anyway, I'm glad he came back or who knows where I'd be! That's why this week is I Love Eric Week. Hopefully you'll learn some new things about Eric and the great guy he is.


Eric said...

The reason I went back in is because instead of looking like a scrounge I had shaved and was wearing better looking clothes. So if she didn't recognize me I would just ask again. Besides she was HOT!

Jay said...

We love Eric too! Ya'll ned to come visit so we can rock the Rock Band!!

Lori Ann said...

So, we've established that you guys are both good looking, your lucky kids got really good genes. We love Eric too and we're glad that he came back to check out the HOT girl!