Saturday, July 19, 2008

Evan's Punishment

The hairstyle (not the clothes) was Evan's punishment for squirting my whole bottle of Conditioner into his bath. Let the punishment fit the crime right? He messed with my hair so I messed with his. If you don't know Evan you may not think this punishment is very severe, but for those that know his hairstyle preference you might think I was a little harsh. (Trust me, he thought it was very harsh.) I love Evan, and I think he looks adorable.


Jay said...

I have to say I am a HUGE fan of non-conventional punishments. My neighbor is the king of them.

Tucker Family said...

I love it. I laughed so hard when I saw the pic. I think he looks so cute with it done like that.

Lori Ann said...

I love his non-flat hairdo! All the kids are so cute and Reid is such a big, little man!