Saturday, December 6, 2008

Random pictures

Okay, we are waiting for our memory card to come in the mail. In the meantime I can only take 5 pictures at a time so we've been keeping it close to home. We will definitely be taking tons of pictures and posting soon! In the meantime here are a few random pictures that we've taken around the house.

We were inspired by Lori's post and the kids created this little fort to play in. They had there own lamp and everything!

This one is of Lorelai cleaning the fridge. She decided it was too white and thought she'd draw a beautiful mural for me. Yay for Magic Eraser!


Sherilyn and Donovan said...

I love that you made her clean it up!!

Lori Ann said...

Oh, I'm so sorry you can't fully enjoy your camera yet! The pictures look nice. But, your kids are super cute so pictures of them are always good!