Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Three Musketeers

Evan & Lorelai are in Utah! Grandma Tucker took them back for a week and a half so it's just me and the Three Musketeers!
The boys helped me with a few projects around the house. We needed a new screen so the boys helped me install it!
Logan says Hi!
How did Patrick help? He did what babies do best!
Then the helpers made our dear friend, Araksya, cupcakes. I mixed and they cleaned up after me.
All that hard work makes us tired (and in Reid's case, dirty).
I really enjoyed my time with the boys. They are so sweet. Reid really enjoyed being the biggest brother in the house. He was so nice and let me nap while Patrick and Logan slept. I love my boys!

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Araksya Kennard said...

I love your kids, too!! I am missing you guys a lot! Patrick is getting bigger! Happy belated birthday to Logan. The cupcakes were super yummy. Thank you! Now I know what the secret ingredient was!!