Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lorelai's hair

Over the summer Lorelai's hair has become increasingly crazy. We just got lazy and stopped doing it all the time. As a result she became very difficult whenever we had to do her hair. I considered chopping it off for a minute, but I just couldn't do it. So now we are back to doing it every day. I forgot how much I love doing her hair. Here are some of her most recent hair-dos.


Lori Ann said...

She is so cute, just like her mom!

Miriam said...

Oh how cute, I especially love the 6th picture. She is so cute. You are so creative.
My girls always whine when I try to do something fun with their hair so I just leave it as is.

Sherilyn and Donovan said...

I love her hair I wish Sadie had hair that I could do that to.

Jay said...

All those years helpin Mom do ya'lls hair I still can't do anything w/my girls hair. The best I can do is a ponytail maybe 2 if I'm feeling adventurous.

The Tina said...

awww....I love the one with gel (I'm guessing) in her hair! she looks so old though!

Tricia said...

I know what you mean. She looks like a little adult to me sometimes. I just want to "put a brick on her head" as the saying goes. :-)

aLi said...

Hello Miss Tricia! It is your long-lost neighbor! I found your blog via. Geoff and Emily's, via. the Tucker Times! I am so ecstatic to find you!!! I can't believe how beautiful your children are. Lorelai is mirror image to you!!! Isn't motherhood amazing?!? I am glad to see you are so happy and doing so well. I have missed you and I'll be checking in every now and then!
this is my blog's address:
i am picking out a thermos for you
dot blogspot dot com! (Minus the spaces inbetween words) :D

I love your blog's title, the southern utahn's. It took me a minute to figure out. So clever!
Love, Ali (woodbury) S.