Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Meet our newest family member!

Meet Chomp Kame Tortuga. We found each other at the Magnolia Festival. Evan has been asking for a turtle for quite awhile and this little guy was the right size for our family! Evan named him Chomp, but Eric decided it needed a full name. For those who aren't familiar with the foreign languages: Kame is Japanese for turtle and Tortuga is Spanish.


Vob said...

Turtles are lots of fun.I have had a turtle since I was 2 years old.
Sister Staton was going to Oklahoma to visit her family and asked my mom to come along for the trip. At this time my dad worked very early in the morning until very late at night.We would always try to stay up to see him.He was never around and couldn't watch me while my mom was gone.My mom did not trust my sisters to watch me.Sam and Emma were 5 and 6 years older than me and did not want to play with me much.Claire had just had Brittany and well you get the picture.As we were coming home,just out side of Tulsa,Oklahoma,a turtle walked across the road.My mom got out to see if they were okay.I asked "Sister Staton can I have that turtle???" I knew if I asked my mom she would say no.Of course,at the age of two I had a speech impairment on my R's which made it nearly impossible for anyone ,other than my mom, to say no to me.After pleading with my mom for five minutes Sister Staton won.I got the turtle.Sister Staton still says to this day,"How could I say no to that sweet little 'ANGEL'." Angel...I think not. I am a far from it.


P.S. Our turtle eats anything from vegetables to dog food.Remember to clean the turtles living space.It can start to smell within a month.

brit said...

Awesome! Turtles rule! Also, nice work on the blog. We love all the pictuers! Talk to you soon,


Jay said...

Glad to see you got a blog. It looks great. Also glad to hear about the turtle I had one about the same size when I was on my mission. Tell Evan congrats.


Risa said...

Tricia Sue! I'm so glad you have a blog! Your kids are more adorable than ever! I miss you tons and love you lots! Anthony and I have a blog, but we haven't updated it since like September, but we are finally getting internet at our place (hopefully tonight)! So I can start updating it! Love you!


Tucker Family said...

Evan have fun with the turtle.

Miriam said...

Evan, congratulations on adding Chomp as a new member to your family. I know your going to just love and take care of him so well.
Tricia- what a cute blog.