Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blessing weekend

My parents came up last weekend for Evan's birthday and we decided to bless Logan while they were here. The weekend was way too short, but we had fun! Eric did a great job with the blessing and it was so nice to have my dad there. He is the only one (besides Eric) that has participated in every one of my children's blessings. Grandma spoiled the kids (myself included) as usual and we got most of an indian costume sewn. All in all it was an awesome weekend!

This was my dance costume when I was little!


dishka said...

Aww look at your great family! I'm sorry we missed Logan's Blessing. Is that Chelsea's costume you're sewing? It was awesome! I love how involved y'alls parents are in everything even though they live far away <3

Sherilyn and Donovan said...

I love the family picture of you all, very cute!! I am sorry we missed it!

Araksya Kennard said...

I love the pictures! Sorry we missed the baby blessing, too!
You and your mom did a great job with the costumes! I love your dress on Lorelai!