Saturday, October 18, 2008

Evan's Party

What a fun party! Evan has so many great friends and we're so glad they all got to come wish him a Happy Birthday! Evan wanted a Mushu party so we went with an oriental theme. We had so much fun picking out candy from the Asian Market. We had Pocky, Chinese rock candy, Jelly (little Japanese jell-o shots), and some little cookies that looked like eyeballs.

Here is Eric judging the Rice Relay Race.
Here are some friends watching Evan opening presents. I thought the girls were being so cute!
The cake. Here is Mushu! Eric made the face out of chocolate melting wafers. Evan ate the whole face!
I think Evan liked the cake. ;-)


Lori Ann said...

That was an awesome cake! I'm so glad that Evan had a nice party.

Risa said...

You are such a cute little mom!!! That cake is adorable! Good job! I can't believe he is five already! Man time flies by fast!