Friday, July 24, 2009

Lorelai's 4th Birthday!

Lorelai's birthday was Wednesday and we spent the entire day doing whatever Lorelai wanted (this is her version of heaven)! We took SO many pictures it was hard to narrow it down. The good news is that they are all pretty self-explanatory. Lorelai is such a big girl now. She is so smart and talented. She is a great big sister and she always tries so hard to make good choices (even though her creative side sometimes gets the best of her). Happy Birthday Lorelai!

First stop, the McWane Center!
Is he helping her see or trying to push her in? Hmm.

Next stop, Chuckie Cheese!
Where a kid can be a kid

Reid just wandered most of the time. His favorite thing to do was put tokens in the machines.
The cake.
Lorelai helped design and decorate her own butterfly cake. We had so much fun! We also had extra batter so we made cupcakes too.
Lorelai putting chocolate covered sunflower seeds on the cake.
Yum! Everything tastes great when it's on a Hannah Montana plate!
Finally, PRESENTS!
Lorelai with her silk ruffle panties. I had some when I was a kid and I was thrilled to finally find some for Lore. Everything is better when ruffles are involved! Lorelai agreed.
The princess with all her spoils!

Testing out her new shoes in her new outfit. :-)


Tucker Family said...

Happy birthday Lore! Your present is on it's way. We love you.

Lori Ann said...

Happy Birthday Lorelai! We love you! I love, love the cake. It is super cute. And I love the picture of Reid with his hand in his pocket.

Araksya Kennard said...

Happy birthday Lorelai!! I love you very much!
I love the way she is testing her new shoes. She was so beautiful yesterday in the church in her new dress!! She is a gorgeous girl.

dishka said...

Awww Happy Birthday Lorelai! Tricia, you are supermom...that's all I'm sayin'!!

p.s. where did you find silky ruffly panties!! I had some too and Abby had some cotton ones (more like a diaper cover) but she's outgrown them :(

Sherilyn and Donovan said...

I love the pictures, I really love her dancing that was funny!!!

aLi said...

impressive that you're blogging still! 4 kids. Primary President. New baby.

My nightmare! AAAAH!

Way to go, Tricia. Your little dolly Lorelai is absolutely beautiful. How fun!!!

Melissa Hodgen said...

Happy B Day Lorelai! I bet you slept really well that night after a day of adventure. Come over anytime and play Barbies. I don't know if it was photography special effects, but that cake looked GIANORMOUS!