Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunday Morning Fun

Sunday morning is always a hectic time for us. No matter how much we prepare the night before someone is always missing a shoe or tights or a tie, etc. Yesterday we were actually doing really well which was good because we had to be at church early so the kids could be reverence children in sacrament meeting. Everything was on schedule until Eric went out to clear the snow off the van. Lorelai was watching from inside behind our screen door and Eric thought it would be so funny if he threw a snowball at her. It would have been really funny if he hadn't accidentally broken the glass in the door in the process! The pictures aren't great because of the glare, but it was too funny not to document.

Reid added a little time to the clean up process by trying to help.

I love my Husband. He got it cleaned up in record time and we still made it to church in time for the opening song!


Lori Ann said...

Isn't that just how it goes? I'm glad no one got hurt, that is a great story! Eric must have a great throwing arm.

Araksya Kennard said...

That is hilarious!