Sunday, May 18, 2008

The beach

Aren't vacations awesome? We finally made it to the beach and we loved it so much. We are already saving our pennies to go again! We stayed in a condo that had a kiddie pool and lazy river so there was always something to do! Some of the pics were blurry, but here are a few that turned out of the family relaxing at the condo. Brit got some good group shots at the beach so check the Gillespie blog if you want to see how gorgeous it was. We had an awesome time and being with friends made it even better.


MerryPair said...

Look how cute your family is! I love vacations!

Vob said...

Okay,I still haven't thought of any nicknames yet but they will come to me...eventually.

Look at the first picture and more pacifically look at Evan.His mouth is wide open...I think we know all know where Ella was when the picture was take.

Not even a tan?
What a shame!

_Orla B._