Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of School

I can't believe it's time for school again! We had such a crazy summer and now my two big kids are gone again! The house is so quiet right now! I probably made the kids late by taking these pictures, but it will be worth it. They are just so cute!
Grandma Nettie and Aunt Lori did a great job picking out school outfits! The kids had so much fun picking out what to wear for their first day!

"Look at me!" and this is what I got.

One more of Lorelai. I'm interested to see if that outfit comes back as white as it is right now. I'm thinking no!


Lori Ann said...

I hope they have a great first day! They are looking fabulous! All white, I swear that wasn't the combo I put together but Lorelai does look adorable!

Tricia said...

For the record, Lorelai only had one spot on her shirt when she got home. I was very impressed!